85% women wear wrong bra size. Even if you are always wearing a bra size 34B or 36B it doesn’t master, sometime it is not your bra size because you had never experienced what a properly fitting bra’s feeling. You only find it out when you measure your body and BAM this is what you are looking for: the best feeling of a properly fit-you bra



    Colorful Sexy delighted to help you find you bra size, it is very simple and easy with only 3 step.

    ·         Step 1: Measure your band

    Use a soft measuring tap to measure directly underneath your breasts on the rib cage, make sure to kepp the tape level all the way around your torsel. Pull the two sides together until they meet and lie flat against your body. Note down the your band size.

    ·         Step 2: Measure your bust

    Use the same tape to measure around the fullest part of your breast.  The tape should feel snug, not too tight. Note down your bust size.

    How to measure bra size

    ·         Step 3: Find your size at the size chart.

    Now, just put your size to the chart below to find out your size.



    In order to get the accuracy of your measurement, do not wear a bra while you measuring. If you are not comfortable try a bralette while measuring. 

    Our body changing every day, so for a better result, make sure you check your size every six months. For a teenager, please check out every three months because you are fast growing.

    Colorful Sexy suggest you do not round up your size. The above size chart is our standard size. For some special collection to a specific market such as Europe and Africa, we do suggest you to try on at a local store.

    Colorful Sexy’s teenager segment normally smaller than the standard ½ size.

    If you don’t believe your eyes or not confident to measure yourself. Please visit a local Colorful Sexy store near your place. We are always happy to serve you.

    We hope you find out your best size to fit your breast. If you find this information is useful, please do not hesitate to share it to a friend.





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