COLORFUL SEXY is a luxury brand of lingeries and swimwear in Quebec, Canada.

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    Color of lifestyle

    From the colorful beach...

    Colorful Sexy brand formerly known as B.Labelle founded by Bonheur Celeste Leroy (1973) and Inès Labelle (1977), founder in Outaouais, Quebec, Canada.

    Ines’s childhood was to enjoyed the sunbathing near the creek, she especially passionated in gorgeous bathingsuite that her mom custom-made for her. She loved the bathing suit because of its’ colorful style. On the beach, she was extremely stand-out among those kids who was playing around. And those memories forever haunting her mind, but she never thought that would later impired her to the fashion industry.

    Inès keeping her habits to sunbathe in spring and summer, she noticed that the colorful bikinis are sexy than ever, but she is very hard to find a truly satisfactory in her neighborhood. The color of the bikini in the region tends to the colorless, or even gentle dark. Moreover, the bathing suit here is as simple as the life of this place, which Inès does not like at all. This had been obsessived her for a while. So Ines decided to design her own bathing suit. She never thought that she received a lot of compliments from family and friends when they saw her on the beach. Many of them then order Inès to custom-made the bathing suit. After years, she was more busy with her design and finally in 2005, she decided to leave her post in a government agency, and started her career with the brand B. Labelle, means be beautiful.

    To the glamorous and gorgeous chic

    After 3 years, Inès already owns three store specializing in bathing suits for women. In a fashion event launched in Quebec city 2008, Inès met fashion designer Bonhuer Celeste Leroy, and then they decide to start a new line of high fashion lingerie costumes and underwear. By 2010, with improvements in materials, B. Labelle launched a colorful collection name “Glamour” studded with stones, beads and pearls on the super soft spandex material smooth, vibrant colors and officially rebranded into colorful.

    Colorful Sexy brings to the world a colorful underwear, sexy, elegant and noble.

    Colorful Sexy pay attention to detail, materials for their designs. The material remains the top priority of 100% cotton, silk, satin very secure and user friendly. Colorful Sexy constantly investing in the development of product line provides users with the most comfortable and safest.

    In 2013 Colorful Sexy official launched their first store in Vietnam by lingerie designer Julia Chau and Kate Yen Do – master franchise for South-East Asia. Vietnam with material advantages, luxury and some designed specifically for the Asian market's Colorful Sexy brought a new style to fashion underwear, designed to further the designs of the very fit Sexy Colorful Vietnam's constitution should eventually get the trust from the market.

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